Additional Services

Additional Services

You can always trust The Bird! 

Check Engine Light

Need help diagnosing your warning lights on your dash? Bring it to The Bird and let us diagnose it. 

Battery & Alternator Test

Is your vehicle having trouble starting up? We can test your battery & alternator to help determine if either of these need to be replaced. 

Keys & Key fobs

Save money on replacement or backup electronic key fobs for your car, truck, or SUV.

Wiper Blade Install

Windshield wipers are supposed to be easy to install, right? Well, at Black Bird they certainly are, because we can do it for you!

Yakima Rack Install

As an authorized dealer of Yakima rack & storage solutions, Black Bird is here to help with proper installation for strength & safety. 

Screen Repair

We can’t fix your iPhone – but we can fix the torn screen from your doors & windows! 

Propane Tank Exchange

Old, empty, and expired propane tanks are inefficient and a safety hazard. Exchange your propane tank at Black Bird.

Stand Up Paddle Board Promo
Stand Up Paddle Board Promo

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