Fishing Derby

Black Bird Fishing Derby

Every June, we sponsor the Black Bird $5,000 Fishing Derby, Southern Oregon’s largest Trout Fishing Derby. 

The Derby takes place the first Saturday after Father’s Day every year at the beautiful Diamond Lake Resort – “The Gem of the Cascades.” 

Blackbird Sports Team

The Fishing Derby began in 1998, originally at Lost Creek Reservoir, and is now held at the beautiful Diamond Lake Resort.

Rain, snow, and sleet haven’t prevented anglers from participating in southern Oregon’s largest fishing derby. With more than 1,100 entries—not including kids, who fish for free—it’s a sight to see. Usually tranquil Diamond Lake teems with activity, both on and off the water.

The Black Bird has made sure to keep this a family event, with prizes for children, teens, and adults. We offer 30 cash prizes for the adults, totaling $5,000, with the top cash prize being $1,000.

Every year, something new and interesting is going on, including special activities to keep the derby exciting for the kids. We offer something for everyone!

In 2010, we started donating to a charitable organization, the first being the American Cancer Society, specifically for breast cancer. The pink shirts drew a few grumbles from the men, but it was for a good cause, and so it has become a tradition. Every year, we choose a different organization and keep all of our donations here in the Valley.

Whether you’re interested in the competition or just looking to have a great day with your family, you will have a good time and create some great memories!
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The derby takes place the first Saturday after Father’s Day in June. Don’t forget to put it on your calendar!

2017 Fishing Derby

2023 Photo Gallery

Derby Regulations

Stand Up Paddle Board Promo
Stand Up Paddle Board Promo

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